Prince Street Project

Help us expand!

We are building a second home so we have can help more women & children out of poverty. This is no small feat. It’s only with your help that we can make this possible!

Milagro House - Lancaster, PA - Changing the lives of women & children facing homelessness through education, housing and life-skills training
Prince Street Property

Help us expand!

We have plans drawn and a property in mind, now all we need is you. 

Milagro House provides education, housing & support services for women and their children who would otherwise be experiencing homelessness.

Currently we have one building on West Chestnut that can house 5 women and their children. If we are able to expand, we could double our impact which means doubling the number of women and their families we help break out of poverty!

If you want to change lives, donating to support Milagro House’s expansion is a way to do that! 

You can help Milagro House Make a Greater Impact.

Life is too short to not help a woman and her children out of poverty. It may sound impossible – but with the help of donors just like you, we can change lives for good and in turn make our womnderful Lancaster, PA a better place as each family starts to thrive and become a positive part of our community. 


How close are we?

Our Expansion Plans

Plans Drawn

Here we describe this step. Something like: Right now we have the building leased and plans drawn. However, these plans take a lot of lawyers and artitects to approve and get ready for breaking ground – all of which cost funds. 

Breaking Ground

Next we need to find companies to build and make the plans a reality. Again – all of which cost money. If you are a contractor or work for a company who would love to support this effort, please reach out today!

Pay Down the Lease

Currently we have a hefty lease on this property. It is one we’ve planned for, but with each month of payments, that also means less allocated funds to building and getting it ready to welcome new families. 

When you donate to help Milagro House Expand,

You create a home that will save women & thier children from homelessness.

Help Us Expand and Make a Difference for Generations

Once this new home is built and new women are welcomed, it won’t just be for their lives and futures that you make a difference. By helping create this new home, you’re opening the door for women and children after them. This will double the amount of lives we are able to help out of poverty – all because you chose to place their well being as something of value. Thank you!!

Want to make a real difference in your community?

When you donate to Milagro House, you are. Each and every donation, no matter how small, directly helps women change their lives and in turn positively impact the communities in which they live. Your gift has exponential impact!

Milagro House - Lancaster, PA - Changing the lives of women & children facing homelessness through education, housing and life-skills training